Make Privacy Automatic
Eventually we will store everything as cipher-text (encrypted), and execute all encryption services on the browser. We don’t want Privly hosts to be able to read your content.

It is Your Data
Privly hosts will not archive your content after you delete it, and will never crawl your content.

Everything is Opt-In
When we add capabilities, access to existing content will not change unless the content-owner explicitly changes the settings.

Reading Content is Also Private
Content owners do not know which links you read. Privly hosts will only collect user data (example: geography) that helps deliver content more effectively.

Other Concerns?
Above all we want to enable privacy across the internet. We will keep development and policies open and responsive to the users, so get involved! A new draft of the Privacy Policy, License, and Terms will be adopted by the Privly Foundation board. Until the draft legal documents are adopted and published here, these policies are in effect. We will discuss the draft documents on the development mailing list.

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