End of Life

The Priv.ly project is shut down. A full-post mortem celebrating successess, and lamenting failures is given on the front page.

What is Privly? Watch Video Overview

All too often you are forced to trade your personal privacy for access to the latest technologies. This “bargain” risks your personal data to changing rules, well meaning system changes, and criminal hacking.

Privly gives you back your personal data by hiding the content behind a user-controlled hyperlink. A Privly browser extension will then “inject” the content in place of the link without giving away control of the content. For those who don’t have the extension installed, they see a simple link. For those who do have the extension installed, they are able to see your post on the page as it was intended. That’s because the extension pulls the data from the other side of the link into your Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc, seamlessly, without supplying that data to data miners. Meaning your content stays your content.

Privly Does:

  • Give you the ability to share/post/tweet/chat anywhere without giving the host site the content
  • Give you the power to grant or revoke access to your content to anyone or anywhere
  • Give the content creator ownership of their data

Official Privly Hosts Do NOT:

  • Use or sell your data
  • Give your data to third party companies
  • Own your content, because you do

Privly has proven itself as a concept. You can use it right now with Facebook, Gmail, Google+, Twitter, Reddit, and just about anywhere else. As we refine the extensions and develop versions for other browsers the system will become even more powerful.

Ready to give it a try? Start by downloading the extension.

How does it work?

Privly gives you more than privacy, it gives you security. Shifting your data and trust from an organization that sells your data to one that in the long run, can’t even protect it, doesn’t help. Eventually, a hacker, rogue employee, government, or even someone close to you will expose everything you wrote in an email, said in a chat, or posted in a message. No one can be trusted to protect your data forever, so how can you use the internet for personal communication? The answer to the privacy problem is encryption.

Most users do not host their own web server, so Privly enables people to trust any storage provider by taking away their ability to read your content. The Privly extensions encrypt your data before you send it to a server for storage. Encrypting your data means the server only sees a scrambled version of your content. This way, you can store your data anywhere without losing your privacy.

Privly is built as an “Open Privacy Stack,” meaning it is not tied to a particular way of doing things. Special “Privly Applications” develop to meet your communication needs, and interface with your favorite web communities. You don’t have to sacrifice functionality to gain your privacy.

Want to see it in action? Start by downloading the extension.

Who Are We?

The Priv.ly Project is organized by the Privly Foundation, but development is open to everyone so you can contribute to the advancement of online privacy.

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